Mnangagwa exposed - Truth is out

Mnangagwa exposed  - Truth is out
Published: 12 September 2018 (645 Views)
How could the president that carries people's hopes misfires so early in his mandate as president of the republic of Zimbabwe. I never thought the day would come when the tax payer's money is wasted again as it was the norm in Mugabe's era and the useless Gono.

Just imagine the money wasted on chartering the plane to bring Grace into the country while millions of the people that voted him into power languish in power. Is the President really serious about revival of the economy or its just words like his predecessor?

The next five years would be a nightmare especially when we have such a reckless leader who appeases his friends and foes at the expense of the poor nation like Zimbabwe. He is taking people for granted or is desperate to been viewed as a good-hearted man, unfortunately that cannot be archived through splashing money for national development on your friends and foes.

I had held the president in high regard as a result of good things that he articulated to nation soon after the coup d'├ętat. However, it is clear that it was cheap political scoring rhetoric. I had actually wondered how the man with such a satanic track record could suddenly be a completely transformed man, I had no answers for weeks and months. Ultimately, I reached a decision to give him the benefit of doubt.

I had no intention of writing this article at the same time I cannot afford to stand by watching an old man taking our country to the grave with him. The team that he appointed to assist him anyhow is indeed composed of new blood that has the potential to turnaround the seemingly never-ending economic decline. Whether economic growth would be realised in our life time is a complicated question to answer in consideration of what the president has just done to the dis-Graced lady, whose mission during her husband's reign was to eliminate all dissenting voices from the corridors of power so she could succeed the poor soul (nonagenarian).

Zimbabwe is a cursed nation when it comes to intuitive, focused, incorruptible leadership. How it could be cleansed of these demons that drag the country backwards is a difficult puzzle to solve. Soft spoken and so promising yet behind scenes he plans evil and destruction of the economy so that the next person who takes over inherits an empty bread basket.

Is he aware that Zimbabwe is a laughing stock to the whole world because of outdated policies that has something to do with the liberation struggle. Now, I don't think the liberation struggle was the right thing to do for our country. It left the country without a currency of its own, What an embarrassment? 'the highest inflation ever recorded'. All war veterans should resign from politics, they all don't have the necessary skills to run the country.

Ntombizanele Ndlovu is a Zimbabwean political activist

- Ntombizanele Ndlovu

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