Lacoste FDI sensationalism retrogressive

Lacoste FDI sensationalism retrogressive
Published: 09 February 2018 (252 Views)
During Robert Mugabe's last dance as a President, he appointed the worst Deputies in the History of the Country, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko.

The two gentlemen took turns to mesmerise Zimbabwe with their political blunders but we in the MDC Alliance always stated that Mnangagwa took the crown as the chief clown between the two.

The man made shocking hallucinations which raised questions about his understanding of how modern economies function.

Unfortunately for Zimbabwe somehow the man fortuitously found himself at the helm of the state but has not graduated from the pool of mediocrity he has always been drowning in.

Addressing his supporters in Mashonaland Central yesterday, where thousands of school children were force marched to the event, Mnangagwa unashamedly lied.

"We have secured more than $3bn in foreign direct investment in just seven weeks. We want this country to move forward."

Sadly the public media ignored the truth revealed by the Financial Gazette that in fact the country had missed out on investment of around the same figure.

If Mnangagwa's lies are anything to go by, this would mean the economy has already reached a growth rate of over 21 percent in 2018, a fallacy even by the definition of Chinamasa's distorted projections.

When such kind of investment flows into a small economy like ours the change in the lives of people is visible, the President would not even need to announce.

Even at the peak of commodity boom around 2010, bonds advertised by most progressive countries like Zambia could not attract such kind of money, a thing Mnangagwa claims he did simply by setting his feet in Davos.

His government also sensationally announced another billion dollar agreement relating to a lithium deal.

About a month ago the same government announced a facility of over a billion which they claim had been extended by Afrexim Bank which turns out to ne an ongoing negotiation.

This kind of sensationalism reflects a clueless government which is however desperate to create an impression of delivery so as to earn support towards the next election.

However Zimbabweans have not forgotten that ZANUPF spin on achievements is all but a fallacy, remember, they have always misled the public announcing a series of empty accomplishments ranging from Sino-Mega deals, Dangote deals and the billion dollar Beitbridge-Chirundu highway which was launched amid pomp and funfare by Mugabe yet nothing has since happened.   

This appetite for fake news exposes Mnangagwa the old Deputy President In Mugabe who has not changed an inch and will never change.

He used to make these sensational claims the same way he is doing now.      

We remember his hallucinations around Zimbabwean banks seating on US$9 billion with no viable projects to fund. This is despite the fact that the Reserve bank then had released a report to the effect that only US$6 billion was in the banking sector.

We in the MDC Alliance argued then as we do now that a serious leader could at least get official figures from his subordinates at the RBZ before embarrassing himself and the country as a whole.

As if that wasn't enough he dreams on, in another day dream he hallucinated about his poor government creating 2,2 million jobs, we found this joke not so funny but rather sickening and an insult to the unemployed masses of Zimbabwe.

With Mugabe gone, and the economy chocking, this country needs serious leadership but alas political lunatics who are just but a useless burden on the national purse are at the helm.

This failure to break from the past must be met with an equal measure of responsibility by the citizen, the responsibility to influence leadership transformation and renewal. The next election is the most important one since 1980.

It is the only method to save our country from a permanent fudge status quo of straddling from one crisis to another, it is the way to stop the unpalatable suffering of our people.   

#MhunhuWeseKubasa #TogetherStronger
MDC Alliance Policy and Research Committee

- MDC Alliance Policy and Research Committee


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