Makandiwa secret finally exposed - Video

Makandiwa secret finally exposed - Video
Published: 07 February 2014 (69371 Views)
This article was originated by The Telescope News.

Zimbabwe Prophet, Emmanuel Makandiwa, has been exposed as a trickster using occultic powers and charms to draw record crowds to his United Family International Church (UFIC), while performing dubious miracles, a group of pastors from Ghana are alleging.

The pastors, mainly from Sekondi-Takoradi twin cities, have fallen out with Makandiwa's spiritual father called, Victor Kusi Boateng also from that country, and are planning a courtesy call on President Robert Mugabe soon, whom they want to implore to shut down UFIC and have it's key leaders arrested. Mugabe first met his first wife, the late Sally at Takoradi Teacher Training College where they were both teaching.

One of the pastors, Lawrence Ajoba, told these reporters that Kusi Boateng, is the kingmaker behind Makandiwa,and others whom he allegedly acquires "occultic powers and Voodoo" on their behalf from a popular fetish priest also from his native called, Nana Kwaku Bonsam. The dreaded fetish priest is on record saying that he has helped over 1700 pastors across the African continent with powers to prosper and grow their churches, including those from Zimbabwe.

Fetish priests, also associated with traditional healers and black magic, perform rituals to consult and seek the favor of the god of a shrine. Payment is usually given in money, liquor, animals, jewellery and in some places, with human sex slaves. The priest is also chosen through "spiritual nomination of the shrine" through divination.

"People in Zimbabwe are being bamboozled and taken for a ride by Makandiwa," said Ajoba.

"We hear he was given occultic charms and power, to perform bizzare miracles and make his church grow, and because the whole thing is evil and spiritual one cannot present tangibile evidence, that is why false prophets get away with it. We thank God, because time will always act as a revealer. In the case of Makandiwa, those who join his church are blinded and will find it difficult to leave, because their spirits have been trapped. Usually people who do this, bring coffins inside the church with real dead bodies, but the simple human eye cannot see them, because it is devilish. Churches of this nature can have up to three coffins, displayed inside at every corner, and they remain there as powers are renewed. In reality ritual killing would have occurred. Only through the Holy Spirit's special gifts can one's eyes be opened to see into the mysterious supernatural realm. It is only God who reveals secrets, and we believe, the time is up for fake prophets in Africa."

Ajoba said, Zimbabwe and Ghana have something special to share because Mugabe had stayed in Ghana during his exile years, and had also married "our daughter".

"This is the bond we share until today. So we want to have a talk with the president, and implore him to rid the country of dangerous churches belonging to the synagogue of satan. Your country is the land of the Holy Spirit, that is why everyone in Africa is envious, because you are your own masters. The other hallmarks of fake prophets is that, they do not built churches, but instead pitch tents forever or hire public halls, since their operations are short-lived. These con man are also into business. How can you serve two masters at once if you have a genuine calling? Above all they do not preach about the second coming of Jesus Christ, the endtimes or New Jerusalem. So Makandiwa is definately in trouble."

As if to confirm Ajoba's assertion, UFIC only has mostly luxurious offices in the capital but no permanent church buildings, despite the ministry sitting on millions of dollars allegedly fleeced from followers insiders said. The ministry only has one church in Chitungwiza, which is wrought in controversy.

The Telescope News has also been told by the West African pastors, that two of their members have also received visions on the passing away of Grace Mugabe, confirming a story that we ran a fortnight ago. An increasingly popular Zimbabwean minister based in Germany, who prefers annonymity was the first to foretell the prophesy in late 2013. The President's Office in Harare, is said to be in limbo over the prophesy, at a time when Mugabe's enemies are wishing him death citing his old age and failing health. The Zimbabwean minister has since made written communication and telephone calls to the President's Office emphasising the gravity of the matter.

"Makandiwa's followers are going to be shocked when Grace Mugabe dies," said the pastors.

"Your paper actually carried this story, and when the prophesy is fulfilled the President can have grounds to shut down UFIC, and even have the leadership arrested, this is what we want to see. You cannot have a situation where so called major prophets in Zimbabwe miss such an important prophesy. Time is not on their side, and we known some have actually skipped the country."

Some of the crookish prophets said to be planning to run away from Zimbabwe, include Makandiwa's sidekick, one Uebert Mudzanire or Uebert Angel who has indicated that he is to take to his feet, going to the United Kingdom in March. Mudzanire has also been allegedly linked to Kwaku Bonsam, and he shares the same "spiritual" father with Makandiwa. The duo have set Zimbabwe ablaze with all sorts of "lying miracles" said Ajoba breathing fire and brimestone.

There has been reports of people being raised from the dead, gold raining at church services, miracle manhood enlargements, miracle fuel, miracle baby sex change, miracle babies and miracle weight loss among a chain of questionable miracles.

This is not the first time that Makandiwa has been allegedly implicated with the occult. Only last year, a South African pastor called Dennis Mazimbuko Moyo of New Living Waters Ministry in Durban, came out with his guns blazing linking Makandiwa and Angel to Boateng with Nana Kwaku Bonsam. The fetish priest has not denied havings links with Makandiwa's so called spiritual father.

"The only one father, we all have is The Father in heaven himself, and it is through only His Holy Son that we come to Him," said a former UFIC choir member who has left the ministry, claiming to have been delivered out of darkness.

"When you hear people referring to a man who goes to the toilet, as their spiritual father, that is occultic and linked to demonology. A man is not a spirit, but God is,and He sits in the highest of thrones in heaven."

During his earlier days, Makandiwa struggled to be submitted to bible school, and was turned down a record three times, only to be dumped by his father at an Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) pastor's house in Harare to rescue the situation. Some quarters of the AFM, maintain to date that the UFIC founder rebelled and left the AFM in a huff, in pursuit of stardom. Makandiwa's mentor, the late pastor chiweshe is also believed to have warned about his downfall after crossing swords with elders of the church to start his own, hence the likely temptation to seek paranormal powers, they said.

UFIC officials have strongly denied that: "The Man of God is involved, in all those evil things. He has a unique gift, and obviously they are people who are jealous of him. This will not stop him from accomplishing, what God has sent him to do in our beautiful country."

Meanwhile Makandiwa is reported in the local press, to be in the process of building an exclusive multi-million mansion in the capital's upmarket, Glen Lorne suburb. The prophet also has a cross-section of business investments and shareholding in listed companies in Zimbabwe.

- The Telescope News

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Anonymous user 19 November 2014
All this is just nonsense.
Anonymous user 18 November 2014
satanism shall to end

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