Prophet Makandiwa's close friend's romantic pictures leaked

Prophet Makandiwa's close friend's romantic pictures leaked
Published: 06 December 2012 (145246 Views)
The other side of the Mutare-based United Family International Church (UFIC) - Pastor Jacob Tembo has been revealed!

Romantic pictures of Pastor Tembo, whose extra-marital affair with Cynthia Shungu Tapera spilled to the court last week, were on Tuesday leaked to the public. They were circulating via smart phones among members of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa's church.

Pastor Tembo refused to comment on the leakage arguing that the dispute between him and Cynthia was still sub-judice.

"Go ahead and do your job, I can't comment on that because the matter is before the courts," said Man of God.

His ex-lover Cynthia said she was surprised how the pictures leaked to the Press but confirmed that the pictures were taken two weeks ago (in November 2012) when the couple was still crazy in love.

"I have no idea as to how the pictures leaked but it is true that I am the one in those pictures. I came across the pictures after some of my friends informed me about their circulation. The other guy on the picture is my former boyfriend, Jacob Tembo. He is a pastor with UFI Church. I think one of the pictures was taken some two weeks ago before we broke up," she said.

Cynthia added: "I used to hear people calling him a great man of God. I would laugh at them. To tell you the truth, to me he was just a great man in bed. He is a close friend of Prophet Makandiwa and each time Makandiwa called him when we were enjoying our quality time, he would order me to keep quiet. He was afraid that Makandiwa would hear my voice and sometimes he would lie that he was in Mutare while we were in fact enjoying in Harare."

"Jacob needs more deliverance than most UFI members because he is just misleading people. Most people in UFI don't even know that he drinks (alcohol) but I know he does. He drinks expensive stuff and in one of the pictures he is holding a Smirnoff beer as you can see," added Cynthia.

The woman said pastor Tembo was still stalking her!!

"We first met in 2006 in Kadoma and he lied to me that he was not married. I believed him because he never put on his ring and generally he looks younger than his actual age because of his blings. I only discovered that he has a wife when his wife called me. His wife told me that she heard that I was going out with him by one of his ex-girlfriends. But there was nothing I could do about it because I was already having his child," narrated Cynthia.

"If he really didn't want to have a child with me he should have just used a condom. So he has to look after his child," Cynthia also claimed that she is still in possession of Pastor Tembo's underwear.

Meanwhile, if Cynthia's claims are something to go by, then one would wonder why his 'boss' who is said to have Prophetic powers never figured out the alleged adulterous affair that was taking place right behind his back. Even if one chooses not to believe the woman's side of the story, one still wonders why other 'great men of God in their church couldn't pick it up before it got out of hand.

- H-Metro

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Anonymous user 07 December 2016
dont bring yourself a curse by touching or condemning the annointed
Anonymous user 06 December 2016
Touch not the Lord's Anointed because you will die suffering
Anonymous user 19 August 2016
I pray God forgives you because your judgememt will be great. Rubish.
Anonymous user 16 July 2016
Preachsy man of God for the world is in darkness Do not listen to devil's mouth piece s
Anonymous user 07 June 2016
if you are out of stories,go to church for deliverance...nonsence
Anonymous user 10 April 2016
kwamutare takumberi building a church w the man UA still blaming its past .God called him and he is the right vesel
Anonymous user 10 April 2016
haiwawo APA isu pastor Tembo hatigoni nawo he is a man of God
Anonymous user 10 April 2016
we love u baba pastor tembo na mama and mostly prophet makandiwa na mama
Anonymous user 23 November 2015
Jesus knew that Judas was a thief but yet still he livef with him. it is possible the Man Of God saw everything but chose to allow Time(God) to tell when his true nature will be exposed. sometimes when we are faced with issues like these, the best to consult is the Word of God.
Anonymous user 21 October 2015
This does not have anything to do with Prophet E Makandiwa and his prophetic powers are not meant kuvheneka zvechipfambi izvi saka musasvibisa zita revazodzwa vaMwari (God's Anointed Ones). I can sense an element of Proverbial Sour Grapes here.
Anonymous user 23 August 2015
people who writes this may the lord have mercy on you .. you should know what to write even if its for money are you not ashamed of yourselves ... if a man had his weaknesses wt does my father had to do with it ...
Anonymous user 20 July 2015
Those are develish allegations may people reconsider how they handle issues this one even if its true how does Papa Prophet Makandiwa fit in
Anonymous user 20 June 2015
Cynthia if u r still not a born again that is not pastor's problem u need god. Becarefu devil he is looking for people like u to use when u go to hell don't blame anyone
Anonymous user 06 March 2015
Our pastor of manicaland who was sent by the great prophet is a general in the spirit our territorial defender, what she is saying is past events.he is a true men of God
Anonymous user 17 January 2015
god is th only that can judge! ot fr ppl 2 see by thr fresh eyes whch blind in the spirit so it doesnt mk sense

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