SA based Zim artist sets Joburg alight

SA based Zim artist sets Joburg alight
Published: 09 February 2018 (925 Views)
JOHANNESBURG - Gwanda-born singer and actor, Tbos The Boss has become the latest South African-based artist to set the entertainment stage alight - producing yet another sizzling album.

The sizzling 12-track album titled Korobela, released in December last year, has catapulted Tbos The Boss to the crest of a wave which he is likely to ride for the next coming months.

"I am happy with the way this album has done so far. Its success has come as a welcome relief for the effort that I put in it," said the House musician, born Decent Nyathi 27 years ago.

He also owns his own stable, Young Legends Productions in Johannesburg. In the album, he worked with his long-time South African musical partner, Master Lover of Maximum Records Productions.

"My album carries songs about love and money. It has a unique style that is a fusion of the Pretoria beat and commercial house that is laced with hip-hop style. I think that is why my music has gained instant fame, although I know I need to do more to get to where I really want to be - being an internationally-renowned musician."

The most popular songs in the album are Imali Yami, Celebration and Guitar/Katari.

Tboss The Boss, who was born in Gwanda, says his musical talent began when he was still at Bengo Primary and Secondary schools, where he was also a member of the school choir.

He cut his teeth in professional music as a hip-hop singer in 2017, after he met Master Lover, who has now become his producer.

"We did three hip-hop tracks with Master Lover, but my love has always been with House, so I had to do this album, which I released on December 9," adds the musician, who lives in Diepsloot, where he owns a recording studio under his Young Legends Productions company.

"My aim is to build a sellable brand and establish a huge fan base for myself within the next few years. I want to release music knowing that there are multitudes waiting for it. Music is my passion and so far, I am happy that I seem to be moving in the right direction."

The hitmaker has also released seven videos for his album, in which he worked with renowned hitmaker and producer, Cruz Moyo, who discovered and unleashed dance queen, Viviane Nomakanjani a few years ago.

Besides pursuing his own brand, Tbos The Boss also composes for and co-produces his wife, Kedibone Nyathi, whose stage name is and together they have released an album and combined in the seven videos. His songs are already enjoying a fair share of airplay on a local radio station, Diepsloot FM.

"I have performed at a number of venues in Johannesburg, but it remains in my plans to go and hold shows in my motherland, Zimbabwe and make my music available at radio and television stations there, as well as music shops. My plan is to go and perform in Zimbabwe in April this year."

To sample his music, Tbos The Boss can be contacted on 073 677 7393. His music is also available online on Youtube, Reveberation and Number 1 music.

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